Kathy's Little Free Library


October 28, 2020
Granite Bay, CA

With COVID ruining all my ideas and plans to promote Rugged Access for All, I've been trying to think of alternative options to raise awareness. 

I've been intrigued by the concept of the Little Free Library program for some time and decided to leave a copy of my book in one of the nearby Little Free Libraries. Egypt loves to read and rarely gets out of the house these days, so she quickly accepted my offer to join me.

I chose a library in a nice residential neighborhood about 15 minutes from our house. I asked Egypt if she wanted to place our book in the library and she agreed. Egypt also asked if it was OK to take a book. I said, "Yes" and explained that is how the program is designed to work. 

Egypt placed Rugged Access for All on top of the books and then took her time to look for one to take. I did a quick scan and didn't see any kids books when Egypt started making excited giggle noises. She removed a book and held it up for me to see. I knew immediately why she was so excited, the book had "ELK" in it's title, HIGH ELK'S TREASURE. Egypt's initials are E.L.K. and elk just so happen to be one of her favorite animals, polar bears being the other.

The sun went down while we were standing at the library and Egypt was concerned that the book might not be at her level. She asked if we could look at the book in our truck before she made a final decision. I agreed and after flipping a few pages, she knew it was something she could read.

I'm very pleased how our first visit to a Little Free Library went and can see doing this exchange more in the future.


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