"Dad, can we just go for a drive?"

 Egypt recently turned 13-years-old and asked if she could have a birthday trip. Her older sister, Kellisa, received several birthday trips instead of presents. When Kellisa turned 12, we went to Tampa, Florida for a train ride which almost ended in disaster. Click here for trip report details and pictures. 

Egypt has been very busy over her summer break, one weekend camp, one full-week camp in the mountains, and many other fun events, including spending a day with a close friend in Long Beach. 

I explained to Egypt that COVID still made planning difficult and I couldn't make any promises. Egypt said,  "Dad, can we just go for a drive?"

Egypt finds riding in the car soothing and will often ask for a drive if she's feeling nervous, anxious, and/or upset. I don't mind and we usually head up into the foothills and sometimes even through some of the Sierras. Every now and then, Egypt just wants a ride to get some FroYo or a snow cone.

I asked Egypt where she would like to go for her birthday drive and she answered, "I'd like to see the _________ and the place where _______________________." To be filled in soon.  

I'm not sure if Egypt has any concept of how far or close her requests are from our home in Roseville, CA, but I promised to, "think about it."

I told Egypt it would probably be just us because we are still keeping Kellisa as safe as possible in her room. Disappointed at first, but then Egypt made what may seem like a strange request. Lisa drives a mini-van and I have a pick-up. We haven't owned car in close to 20 years. It's a wheelchair thing. Egypt asked if we could rent a small car since we wouldn't have a wheelchair with us.

It's a treat for Egypt to take the stairs or escalator when Kellisa isn't with her. There's other examples of appreciating every day things and riding in a car is one of them. 

Again, no promises, but I agreed to "think about it."

As I started to think about Egypt's request, I was reminded of all the trips we didn't take due to COVID and how we spent a couple of years before that going back to Chicago to visit grandma. I also thought about how I've spent over 3 years of her life away in hotels and how Egypt is getting older and her time with just dad is being replaced with friends and teenager activities. 

I must admit, a nice drive with Egypt seems like the right thing to do before her summer ends.

I also couldn't help but remember Lisa's quote from her guest blog post on Kellisa's Path, "By now, you may realize that Chris is a bit extreme when it comes to travel."


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