Egypt Would Really Like a Book

 We had recently completed our visits to hike in all 50 United States when I signed my publishing contract. Kellisa and I would have to travel to all 50 states to pushike at least one trail in each. I didn't want Egypt to feel left out, so I invited her to go with us and she politely declined stating her desire to stay active with music, plays, water polo, and everything else she enjoyed more than hiking.

I kept making offers as new trips were planned and each time, Egypt elected to stay home. As Kellisa and I were nearing the end of our travels for the book, I had to really insist on Egypt joining us for at least one trail. She reluctantly joined us for a weekend drive up to Washington state for a trail through some old growth forest.

I included a couple additional pictures of Egypt in the published book, but once it was released, Egypt was disappointed that she wasn't featured more. I knew that was going to happen and tried, but as her father, I couldn't help but feel bad.

I tried explaining that Egypt can share her story, but Kellisa needed me to share her story. I think Egypt understood to some degree, but was still disappointed. Every now and then, Egypt will bring it up and ask when will I write a book about her.

My plan to have a second book about Kellisa published by now has been delayed due to COVID, so I've had a little time to think about book ideas for Egypt. 


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