I have met a handful of people in life who inspire everyone they come into contact with. These people have one thing in common—they are always kind, happy and smiling. They do things that others only dream of, and of course make it look effortless. Christopher Kain is one of those people. This book gives you permission to push your boundaries, and experience life to the fullest no matter your abilities. 

— Karen Kain, author & activist for families living a unique life experience

Chris and Kellisa are two of my heroes—and some of the best hikers I know. The trail doesn't care how far or how fast you go. Hiking is all about getting out there, making the most of the experience, and taking all the lessons, memories, and friendships back home. In Rugged Access for All, Chris and Kellisa prove that the trail is there for everyone at every phase of life. Hike on!

— Jennifer Pharr Davis, author, speaker, record setting hiker

A must-read for park rangers and trail designers to understand the challenges of those who must use wheels to access trails and to learn how to provide information and encouragement for all.

— Kay Tasso, PT, PhD, board-certified clinical specialist in pediatric physical therapy

Part guidebook, part chicken soup for the soul. Adventurous, heartwarming, and informative. If this book doesn't make you want to go explore the outdoors, nothing will.

— Ian Mackay, executive director of Ian's Ride

Gain a whole new view into the wonders of nature through the eyes of Kellisa and Christopher Kain, an intrepid father-daughter hiking team who tackled all 50 states—twice—by ‘pushiking’ with a mobility chair. The Kains’ uncertainties and delights, from predictable struggles with signage and parking to dealing with snakes, deep sand and people’s varying attitudes, enable the reader to be surprised alongside them. From prudent notes on trail sections to packing tips for a person with extra needs, readers will find what they need to do the same. But it’s Christopher’s offhand lines about tube-feeding a daughter in a dark tent, tethering himself to her stroller to keep them attached in case of a fall, and treating her seizures beside a road before a dinner for two that add depth and sparkle to this guide. He says Kellisa’s social skills and language benefit from hiking, and it’s easy to see why as we follow their stimulating paths. Rugged Access for All is useful and inspirational for outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities.

— Christina Adams, speaker, autism expert, and author of A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention and Recovery

I have been following and admiring Chris on social media for several years. Chris’s drive to enrich Kellisa's life through pushiking will inspire you to persevere through life’s challenges. This book will encourage you to explore and appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty our country offers, while forging a lifelong bond with your loved ones. It also includes lots of practical advice and recommended trails for would-be pushikers.

— Terri Weeks, owner of Big Rock Travel and author of Adventures around Cincinnati


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